Sunday, July 6, 2008

List of Seminaries


1.) This list has no haskamos. Zero. Please be careful.
2.) I do not believe in labels. But in this case it is easier to use them than not to. Sorry. Also: I am not qualified to distinguish between Mizrachi and Modern Orthodox. Sorry.
3.) Categories may overlap, but seminaries are listed only once.
4.) Many seminaries - which may be very different from each other - have identical or similar names.
5.) Many fine seminaries choose not to make websites. High school principals should be able to put you in touch with these.

Now then:

Bais Yaakov Seminaries

Ateres Bnos Yerushalayim
Bais Yaakov Jerusalem (BJJ)
"BYA" see Machon Bnos Yehuda
Chochmas Lev see also Afikei Torah and Darchei Binah
Hadar Bais Yakov
Machon Bnos Yehuda (“BYA”)
Machon Sara Shnirer see Bais Yaakov Jerusalem
Masores Rochel
Mesillot Bais Yakov
Nachlas Bais Yaakov
Neve Yerushalayim: Bnos Chava Teachers Seminary
Neve Yerushalayim: Bnos Sarah Teachers Seminary
Neve Yerushalayim: Meor Bais Yaakov Teachers Seminary
Seminar Yerushalayim

Eminently UnLabel-able Seminaries

Afikei Torah see also Chochmas Lev and Darchei Binah
Ba'er Miriam see also Maayanot
Bnot Torah Institute ("Sharfman's")
Diaspora see Machon Roni
Darchei Binah see also Afikei Torah and Chochmas Lev
formerly Keshet see Moreshet Yam HaTorah
Machal see Michlalah
Machon Roni
Meor HaTorah
Michlalah Jerusalem College: Machal
Midreshet Moreshet Yam HaTorah see Moreshet Yam HaTorah
Moreshet Yam HaTorah (formerly - Keshet)
Neve Yerushalayim: Michlelet Esther
Neve Yerushalayim: Midreshet Tehillah
Sharei Bina
"Sharfman's" see Bnos Torah Institute
Tomer Devorah

Mizrachi & Modern

"Brovender's" see Midreshet Lindenbaum
formerly Bruriah see Midreshet Lindenbaum

Machon Gold
MATAN – the Sadie Rennert Women’s Institute for Torah Studies
Michlelet Mevaseret Yerushalayim
Michlelet Orot Yisrael see Orot Israel College
Midreshet AMIT at Beit HaYeled
Midreshet Ayelet HaShachar
Midreshet Habanot Ein Hanatziv
Midreshet Harova Advanced Torah Academy for Women
Midreshet Lindenbaum ("Brovender's", formerly - Bruriah)
Midreshet Moriah
Midreshet Yeud
"Migdal Oz" see Stella K. Abraham Beit Midrash for Women
Orot Israel College: Michlelet Orot Yisrael
Shaalvim for Women
Shaarei Mevaseret Zion see Michlelet Mevaseret Yerushalayim
Stella K. Abraham Beit Midrash for Women ("Migdal Oz")

Beginner & No Age Limit

Aish HaTorah: miscellaneous programs
Aish HaTorah: EYAHT
Darche Noam Institute see Midreshet Rachel v'Chaya
Midreshet Rachel V'Chaya College of Jewish Studies for Women ("Shapell's", Darche Noam Institute)
Neve Yerushalayim: Neve School of General Jewish Studies, Mechina, Pre-Shalhevet, Shalhevet, Post-Shalhevet
"Shapell's" see Midreshet Rachel v'Chaya
She'arim College of Jewish Studies for Women

iy"H to be continued

Website Resources for Seminaries in General

OC Web Guide has detailed information on a number of seminaries.

So does the Frumteens Seminary forum.